Our Programs

As per New York State regulations, our program can start accepting infants as young as eight weeks old. While this seems very young to most people, today’s economy and stresses don’t allow as many families the flexibility when choosing between a childcare center, a nanny, or a stay-at-home mom. At LFF, we make sure to accommodate families who need that flexibility with care from eight weeks old to 5 years of age, and extended early and late hours.



At such a young age, infants require love, nurturing and touch that they crave. With a smaller environment, we have a 2-1 ratio for infants to adults to give them the proper attention. Unlike most daycares, we are breastmilk friendly and feed by hand without any propping. Throughout the day, they are involved in tummy time, reading, music and we help reach their developmental milestones.


School-age children have an entirely separate space for homework and computer work, as school requires. They are with their own age group to stimulate growth and learning.


Toddlers at LFF are involved in a full pre-school curriculum that gets them ready for school. They are taught letters, names, numbers, etc. We pride ourselves that our current three year olds can write their first and last names!

Daily outdoor play to keep them stimulated, weather permitting.